Pensacola Workers Compensation Attorney

service worker walking down flight of stairsHave you been injured at work? Is your employer refusing to pay you while you are out of work, or to cover ALL your medical costs?

Under Florida Law, the fault of the employee is NOT an issue. If you are an employee then you are covered REGARDLESS of your own negligence or that of your fellow employees. Under Florida Law, you can ONLY be compensated for your lost wages and medical benefits, NOT pain and suffering.


There are limits on the employee bringing a Workers’ Compensation Claim:

  • If you were injured in Florida, the employee is required to disclose the injury to your employer within thirty (30) days of the incident.
  • The employee, or his or her estate, is required to file a claim within two (2) years of the incident.
  • Your eligibility for benefits may also be eliminated one (1) year from the date you last received a wage replacement check or approved medical treatment

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