How to Avoid Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents in Florida

Man on a bicycle in Pensacola

While most people know that Florida is a dangerous place to drive, many residents are unaware that Florida is also among the most dangerous states for pedestrians and cyclists. In fact, pedestrians and cyclists account for nearly one of every four traffic accident deaths in Florida. And those who aren’t killed in pedestrian and bicycle accidents often suffer severe injuries. Luckily, your odds of avoiding a pedestrian or bicycle accident in Florida increase when you follow a few basic safety precautions. Below are some tips on avoiding pedestrian and bicycle accidents in Florida. If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian or bicycle accident in Florida, please contact a Florida personal injury attorney for assistance. 

Tips for Pedestrians

When a pedestrian is struck by a moving vehicle, the injuries tend to be severe. Therefore, it is imperative that all pedestrians take steps to decrease the odds of suffering a pedestrian accident in Florida. In order to avoid pedestrian accidents in Florida, pedestrians should: 

Obey all traffic laws – Pedestrians can greatly reduce the risk of being injured in a traffic accident by obeying all traffic laws.

Use the crosswalk – The crosswalk is designed to keep pedestrians safe. By using crosswalks and walk sign buttons, pedestrians greatly increase their odds of remaining safe while on foot. 

Remain visible to vehicles – It is recommended that pedestrians wear bright, reflective clothing when walking in high-traffic areas. 

Tips for Cyclists

Cyclists are particularly susceptible to accidents, as they tend to operate in close proximity to vehicles, even sharing the road with moving traffic. In order to avoid accidents while cycling, bicycle riders must:

Obey all traffic laws – The traffic laws are designed to ensure the safety of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Therefore, cyclists should obey traffic laws while on the road. 

Wear a helmet – In the event a cyclist is involved in an accident, a helmet can greatly reduce the odds of a traumatic brain injury. 

Remain visible to vehicles – Since cyclists share the road with vehicles, it is particularly important that they remain visible at all times by using reflectors and wearing reflective clothing, especially at night. 

Hire a Pensacola Pedestrian Injury Attorney  

If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian or bicycle accident in Florida, you need an experienced Florida personal injury attorney on your side. At Staples, Ellis + Associates, P.A., we have over seventy years of combined experience representing the victims of pedestrian and bicycle accidents in Northwest Florida and Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties. At Staples Ellis, we understand the severe trauma caused by pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Therefore, if you or a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian or bicycle accident in Florida, Staples Ellis is here to help. Please contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our talented attorneys.

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