Here’s How Drivers Injure Bicyclists in Florida

Staples, Ellis + Associates, P.A. discusses how drivers injure bicyclists in Florida.

Cycling has many benefits, include convenience, exercise, and pollution reduction. However, despite its advantages, cycling can also be quite dangerous. Although Florida drivers must share the road with bikes, countless cyclists are struck by vehicles every year, and many of these accidents result in serious injuries. Unfortunately, these accidents are often caused by the actions of negligent drivers, leaving injured cyclists and their families with expensive medical bills. If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident in Florida, please review the following ways that drivers injure bicyclists in Florida, and contact our Florida personal injury attorney today for assistance.  

How Drivers Injure Bicyclists 

Drunk or drugged driving  

Due to the effect that drugs and alcohol can have on a driver’s reaction times and cognitive abilities, intoxicated drivers are more likely than others to strike cyclists on the road.

Failing to yield

Many drivers believe that they don’t have to yield to cyclists. This isn’t only wrong, but it frequently results in accidents. 

Passing in a dangerous manner

Drivers often grow impatient when stuck behind cyclists in traffic. This can lead to risky maneuvers by drivers that place cyclists in danger. 

Making dangerous turns

Similar to dangerous passing, drivers sometimes make dangerous turns that result in collisions with bicycles. For example, drivers sometimes make the mistake of turning in front of an oncoming cyclist at an intersection. If the driver misjudges the speed of the cyclist, this can easily result in a crash. 

Failing to use the rearview mirror 

Drivers who fail to use their rearview mirrors when backing up put those behind them in danger. Also, drivers who fail to check their mirrors before turning or changing lanes put cyclists at risk. 

Ignoring bike lanes 

Drivers tend to ignore bike lanes. This bad habit is a frequent cause of accidents. Therefore, drivers should always use caution when approaching cyclists in bike lanes, particularly at intersections and driveways.

Opening doors without looking 

Finally, cyclists are sometimes injured after colliding with open car doors. Drivers, particularly those in parking lots, will often open their doors without first checking for pedestrians or cyclists. When a cyclist happens to be passing by a parked car just as its door is flung open, a collision is all but imminent.  

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