Common Bicycle Accident Injures in Florida

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There are many benefits to riding a bicycle. Bike riding is great exercise, can help save money on gas, and is a fun hobby. Unfortunately, however, cycling can also be dangerous, especially when doing so in traffic or near busy roads. Bicycle riders in Florida are routinely struck by vehicles, and the resulting injuries are often devastating. In this article, we examine common bicycle accident injuries in Florida. 

Injuries Suffered by Florida Cyclists 

When a bicyclist is struck by a vehicle, the injuries can be severe. Common injuries suffered by Florida cyclists include: 

  • Head injuries: Head injuries can range from minor scrapes to skull fractures. To help prevent such injuries, Florida law requires bicycle operators and passengers under the age of 16 to wear a bicycle helmet at all times. 
  • Traumatic brain injury: Related to head injuries are traumatic brain injuries, which are one of the leading causes of death for cyclists in the United States. The scary thing about traumatic brain injuries is that they can occur without any visible trauma to the head, and this often results in injured persons forgoing immediate medical treatment. A traumatic brain injury can result in many symptoms, including mood swings, memory loss, disrupted bodily function, and emotional changes.
  • Facial injuries: Unlike motorcycle helmets, most bicycle helmets only protect the head, leaving the face exposed. When a bicyclist strikes his or her face in an accident, it can result in broken or lost teeth, eye damage, facial fractures, a broken nose, and permanent scarring.
  • Bodily trauma: Most bikers involved in accidents with vehicles suffer some type of bodily trauma. Common injuries include breaks, fractures, torn ligaments, dislocations, and internal bleeding.
  • Back injuries: Finally, cyclists often suffer back injuries in accidents. This usually occurs when a bicyclist lands on his or her back after a crash, causing damage to his or her spinal column. Common back injuries suffered by cyclists include herniated discs and damage to the spinal cord. Severe back injuries can result in temporary or permanent paralysis. 

Tips for Avoiding Bicycle Accidents

As a cyclist, it is imperative to take steps to ensure that you remain safe while riding on or near the road. Tips for avoiding bicycle accidents include: 

  • Ensure your bike is an appropriate size
  • Check your brakes before biking
  • Use headlights at night
  • Don’t wear headphones while riding
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars
  • Ride at a reasonable speed

Contact a Pensacola Bicycle Accident Lawyer 

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