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Your rights when your landlord ignores security concerns

You chose your apartment because it came with solid security measures. You didn't want to feel threatened in your own home. You wanted it to be a place where you could relax. You were assured when you signed the lease that that's exactly what you were going to get.

How many escalators and elevators cause annual injuries?

You think nothing of stepping onto the escalator or the elevator. Both are so common in modern society that you use them with little thought to your own safety, trusting in the design of the machines. You may even be on your cellphone, listening to music, talking to friends, or doing a whole host of other activities that draw your attention and focus away from the devices themselves.

Are colleges liable after an assault?

You're walking back to your dorm after an evening at the gym, and three people jump out and attack you. Maybe it's a random attack or maybe they're trying to take your wallet. Either way, you find yourself asking one important question in the wake of the incident: Was the school liable?

How does your landlord have to maintain your property?

You've probably heard that your landlord has to maintain your rental property. Naturally, most landlords want to do this to keep the property's value high and protect their investment. However, there is also a legal obligation to do a number of things to keep you safe. These things include:

How a landlord should make a space safe for kids

When a landlord rents to tenants who have children, it's important for him or her to make sure the space is safe for kids. Naturally, some childproofing should be done by the parents -- the landlord doesn't have to put caps in all the electrical outlets, for example -- but the space needs to be generally safe. A few examples of things a landlord could do include:

Landlords have to give you notice when entering to make repairs

Your landlord has an obligation to keep your residence in good condition. This doesn't mean that cosmetic updates -- like updated trim or new bathroom fixtures -- have to be made, but that the residence has to be habitable and safe. Safety issues like broken banisters and exposed wiring need to be fixed.

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