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November 2017 Archives

Animal bites and premises liability in Florida

Our nation is filled with animal lovers, many of them residing in the state of Florida. Those who own pets love them like children and may not realize it when their animals pose hazards to other people. Pets do not usually attack their owners but they could still behave in a vicious manner toward outsiders. This is something that all of us who live in Florida should understand when we visit a friend with a pet or encounter animals on someone else's property.

Does your surgeon have to tell you if an error was made?

The prospect of having a human error occur during your surgery is terrifying, and many worry about this before undergoing an operation. Fortunately, surgical errors based on human errors are very rare. However, when they do happen, it is important for the patient to know about the rights that he or she has to both information about the mistake and what went wrong leading up to the surgical error.

Florida driver receives a vehicular homicide conviction

It would be wonderful if a person's bad decisions did not result in any collateral damage. However, as nearly everyone understands, this is not the case in most situations. When a person decides to drive in a reckless and negligent manner, it is bound to affect other individuals.

How does vicarious liability apply to hospitals?

One of the most complicated aspects of the law when it comes to medical malpractice is the fact that many patients find out that they have been victim to poor and negligent medical standards years or even decades after they have been treated. This makes it extremely difficult to find an appropriate entity to blame or recoup damages from.

The financial fallout of Florida car accident injuries

People fear car accidents and wisely so. Not only could a victim be stuck with expensive repairs or increased insurance rates, They could also empty their bank accounts trying to pay for necessary medical treatment. In spite of the potential costs, we have seen many accident victims pass on the possibility of seeking a legal remedy after a car accident.

Why gallbladder bile duct injuries occur and how to identify them

When small, rigid masses develop inside a gallbladder, it can cause an individual to experience significant pain. If left unaddressed, those gallstones can significantly damage the gallbladder. A patient risks developing an infection if this occurs.

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