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September 2017 Archives

Teen drivers may increase your risk of having a car accident

From their risk-taking behaviors to simple inexperience, teen drivers can be dangerous on Florida roadways. Of course, we are not suggesting that all teen drivers are dangerous; we are simply cautioning our friends and neighbors to exercise caution when young drivers are nearby. Doing so could mean the difference in experiencing a car accident and avoiding a crash altogether.

How can you know if a loved one suffered abuse in a nursing home?

If your Florida family placed a loved one in a nursing home, it is likely that your decision came only after careful consideration and thoughtful planning. Making this choice is not easy, but it could be the right one for your family. While many nursing home facilities do provide quality care, others do not.

Impaired driving: always dangerous, always preventable

There are many reasons why car accidents happen, and sadly, many of them are preventable. While it can be difficult to determine what caused your accident and how you should move forward after a crash, you do not have to wade through the complicated aftermath alone.

Premises injuries and liability waivers

Liability waivers appear in a number of different situations. For example, parents must often sign such a waiver before their child can participate in a field trip. Many day care businesses also mandate that parents sign a liability waiver before their child can attend. Gyms and fitness centers also rely on liability waivers to prevent customers from pursuing a premises liability claim if they suffer injuries while working out.

The illnesses that doctors often misdiagnose

When going those see a doctor with an illness that is negatively affecting your life, you have no choice but to put your trust into the medical practitioner and have faith that they will properly diagnose you, and prescribe the best treatment to bring you back to health. However, there are some conditions that have been thoroughly researched, yet doctors fail to diagnose their patients with the disease frequently.

Avoidable surgical mistakes still occurring

Tragically, completely avoidable mistakes still occur in surgical operations across the U.S. These mistakes can range from minor instances that cause little effect or suffering, to mistakes such as operating on the wrong person, the wrong side of the body, or leaving surgical instruments inside a person's body.

Fatal car crash that claimed 2 lives: unclear if Irma to blame

On Sept. 10 in Florida, in the midst of Hurricane Irma, a car crash occurred that claimed the lives of two law enforcement officers. It is unclear whether the main cause of the crash was due to driver negligence or from complications that arose from driving in the hazardous weather conditions created by hurricane Irma.

Building a medical malpractice claim around medication errors

The right medications are often vital in recovering from illnesses and injuries. Most of us are not pharmaceutical experts. Therefore, we must rely on prescribing physicians and the pharmacists to make sure the drugs we receive are safe and accurate.

What are the duties of property owners to prevent accidents?

When we are spending time in public properties such as shopping malls, museums and restaurants, we often take it for granted that we are safe from injury. However, it is all too common for accidents to occur that negatively effect the lives of unsuspecting people. What's worse is that these accidents were often simple to prevent. In cases such as these, property owners had a duty to prevent these accidents.

Bile duct injury as a complication of gallbladder surgery

Whenever anyone goes under the knife, they have a right to expect surgeons and other surgical staff members to practice care when performing the procedure. We feel it is safe to say most surgeons do their best to take good care of their patients. As we all know, mistakes can happen even in the best surgical suites staffed by the finest surgeons. However, that does not mean the person who made the error should be held blameless.

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