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The high price of a surgical mistake

When a surgery goes wrong, it can leave an innocent patient in excruciating pain, with detrimental physical damage and facing a longer recovery. Surgical errors are quite serious, and victims have the right to hold doctors and care providers accountable for preventable mistakes that caused them great physical and emotional pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one were the victim of any type of medical malpractice, you would be wise to seek the help of a Florida attorney who can identify your legal options and help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Your legal ally can help protect your rights when malpractice or a surgical mistake takes a toll on your life.

Doctors are conflicted over when to trust their gut

The world of medicine is largely based in science. It's not a place where a lot of doctors feel comfortable just "trusting their gut." They want to have some hard evidence to lean on.

However, this can be problematic. Doctors are around patients all day, every day. They know when things just feel wrong.

4 tips for proper cellphone use on the road

Many studies have shown the dangers of using cellphones while driving. One said that a full 25 percent of car accidents were connected to cellphone use. It's clear that it's very dangerous, which is why laws banning the practice have been making their way across the United States.

To stay safe, keep these four tips in mind:

What is the best time to have surgery?

You and your doctor decide that you need surgery. It's not urgent, per se, but it should happen quickly. It's your best option. Your doctor asks you when you can have the procedure carried out.

What time should you pick? You're going to take work off regardless, and you're going to have a significant recovery time. Is there a time of day or a day of the week that is best, or should you just take the next time slot they have open?

Infant passes away after car accident

Tragically, an infant in Florida has passed away following a car accident. She was just six months old. Her mother, who works at the Okaloosa County School District, was on maternity leave.

After the accident, the young child was rushed to Sacred Heart Hospital, which is located in Pensacola, by a medical helicopter. She survived for a few days and then passed away at the medical center.

Will doctors make up stories after mistakes?

You know doctors make mistakes. No one is perfect. But can you trust them to tell you about their mistakes, or are they going to lie?

Every case is different, but history certainly shows that doctors are not always honest. Some may even invent stories as a way to cover up errors.

Does health matter behind the wheel?

The reasons for car accidents are nearly endless. Some drivers are distracted, some vehicles are not well maintained, some drivers are under the influence and some simply make mistakes in a fast-paced, high-stress atmosphere.

One thing that it's wise not to overlook, though, is physical health. Drivers who aren't fit to get behind the wheel of a 4,000-pound vehicle can cause accidents and put others in danger.

How your landlord can do upkeep without invading

Landlords and tenants are often at odds over access to the space. If the landlord is never around, the tenant may complain that he or she doesn't do maintenance and upkeep on the property and that it's now unsafe.

If the landlord is around all the time and enters without the tenant's permission, though, the tenant might then complain that his or her privacy is being violated. Landlords may counter by saying there's no way they can do inspections without access to a property that they own.

4 children hurt in SUV accident

The Florida Highway Patrol said that nine people were in a car crash, and seven of them were kids. They said that those kids had serious injuries and were headed to the hospital.

However, reports soon clarified that, while an accident had injured a number of children, it wasn't as bad as previously thought. Though 11 people were in one vehicle when it crashed, just four children were hurt and taken to Tampa General Hospital.

After A Car Accident: What To Do And What Not To Do

Getting injured in an accident on the road can spike a wide range of emotions, ranging from shock to panic and frustration. This is particularly the case if the accident was the result of another person's negligence behind the wheel. Perhaps this other person was texting while driving or was driving too quickly for road conditions, for example.

When emotions take over at an accident scene, knowing exactly what to do can be challenging. Unfortunately, the wrong move can be costly down the road. Consider some of the steps you should take versus those you should avoid following an automobile crash in Florida.

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