Multi-State Family Law Cases

Family law matters often involve deep emotional and complex legal issues. These legal issues are made more complex, however, when someone is moving or currently resides out of state.

The attorneys at Staples, Ellis + Associates, P.A., have more than 60 combined years of legal experience. During this time, Tom Staples and H. E. Ellis Jr. have helped individuals and their families address a wide range of family law needs. This includes assisting clients file for divorce or file for order modifications in the correct jurisdiction. Additionally, we handle multi state child jurisdictional matters where two states compete for jurisdiction of a child.

Contact our Florida family law office online today or call 850-696-0314 to discuss your case with one of our helpful attorneys. Our attorneys are currently members of the Family Law Section of The Florida Bar association.

Jurisdictional Inquiries for Multi-State Family Law Cases

People are moving from state to state at increasingly high rates. Work relocations, obtaining new employment and family obligations are some of the main driving forces behind this trend.

If your spouse or ex-partner currently resides outside of Florida — or in many cases outside of the country — it is vital to file your legal matter in the correct court. Cases are immediately dismissed when a court does not have jurisdiction over your family law matter, wasting your time and money.

Our law firm analyzes our clients' family situation and files for divorce and order modifications in the proper venue. We have helped clients obtain or challenge custody modifications, as well as obtain military divorces when a spouse is currently stationed overseas.

Contact a Family Law Attorney With Your Jurisdictional Questions

Multi-state family law cases involve unique challenges for many individuals. We work hard to help our clients resolve their family law issues correctly on the first try. Contact out Pensacola, Florida, law office online today or call 850-696-0314 to discuss your situation with one of our experienced lawyers.